31. März 2011

Thoughts on Germany

Wie Ihr wisst, sind unsere amerikanischen Gäste vor einer Woche eingetroffen. Nun ist es an der Zeit, zu erfahren, was sie so über Deutschland denken. Hier die erste Meinung (es werden in den nächsten Tagen weitere in diesen Artikel eingefügt):

“I think that it’s amazing to see all of the older buildings knowing that when America was being founded the castle in Ludwigslust was being built. It’s so pretty here. It’s incredible to see all the old buildings around the city and country. I love it here.”

“I think that Germany is way different than America in more ways than what I imagined. It is so much older and very pretty. Even classes are different. I like everything about Germany, EXCEPT the bubbly water :P”


“Well…I liked all of the food in Germany. I liked how Germany preserves its history with the old roads, buildings, churches, and castles. The natural parks were really cool. The drinking age was a friend to me ^^ Soo I pretty much liked everything about Germany…except […]’s shower, and that everybody speaks German and I do not.”


“I loved being in Germnay. To learn about another culture, and how people our age can live similar to eachother in some ways, but live completely different lives in other ways. I found it amazing to compare the two…of course Germany beat America, lol. Everyone is friendly, and physically active, the food is amazing and the castles, churchs, parks and other building were beautiful. I would love to spend more time in Germany and plan on going back as soon as my schedule and bank account will allow me to.”